Why Transparency is Key for Maintaining Customer Trust During an Outage

Emma Chenault

Emma Chenault

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Why Transparency is Key for Maintaining Customer Trust During an Outage

As a SaaS company, it is essential to maintain the trust of your customers, especially during a service outage. Outages can happen at any time, and it's important to have a plan in place to communicate with your customers and keep them informed about the status of your service. This is where transparency comes into play.

At Statusway, we understand the importance of transparency during an outage. That's why we provide a customizable status page that displays real-time information about the status of your service. It's a critical tool for maintaining customer trust during an outage.

Importance of Transparency During an Outage

During an outage, customers may feel frustrated and uncertain about the status of their service. Providing timely and accurate information is crucial in maintaining their trust.

According to a survey by PwC, 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. This includes transparency during service disruptions.

By being transparent about the outage, you can show your customers that you value their experience and are actively working to resolve the issue. This can help to mitigate frustration and prevent them from seeking alternative solutions.

How Statusway Helps You Maintain Transparency

With Statusway, you can easily maintain transparency during an outage. Our customizable status page allows you to provide real-time updates to your customers about the status of your service. You can also customize the branding and design of your status page to match your company's style.

In addition, Statusway's incident management system allows you to track and manage incidents as they occur. This helps to ensure that you are aware of any issues as they happen and can respond quickly to resolve them.

Crafting Effective Outage Notifications

Crafting effective outage notifications is crucial in maintaining customer trust. It's essential to provide clear and concise information about the outage and its impact on the service.

In a recent blog post, we provided a system outage notification template that you can use to communicate effectively with your customers during an outage.

The template includes essential information such as the date and time of the outage, the expected time for the service to be restored, and any workarounds that customers can use in the meantime.

The Role of Status Pages in Incident Communication

Status pages play a crucial role in incident communication. They provide a centralized location for customers to find information about the status of your service during an outage.

In a recent blog post, we discussed how status pages can enhance your customer service strategy. By providing real-time updates and a centralized location for information, you can reduce customer frustration and improve their overall experience.


In conclusion, maintaining transparency during an outage is crucial for maintaining customer trust. By providing real-time updates, crafting effective outage notifications, and utilizing a status page, you can keep your customers informed and engaged during an outage.

At Statusway, we provide the tools you need to maintain transparency and keep your customers informed during an outage. With our customizable status page and incident management system, you can respond quickly and effectively to any issues that may arise.

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